Обратно в галериятаАртикули

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    Публикувано 03 октомври 2016 | 15:19 от Jolyn

    Paul Craig Roberts is right, You are voting for your own exnntctioi, right now there is no america government, it is a country of lies, murder, thugs, racist arrogant MF, hell , i just describe the so called government , pick up a gun and start shooting, go down in glory and take some zionist with you

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    Публикувано 15 май 2016 | 09:38 от Minnie

    I have yet to see the Upright Citizens Brigade, Gordon. I’m sort of against imiiovpsatron and I’ll explain why in an article tomorrow. I value imagination much more than improvisation and creativity.

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    Публикувано 16 септември 2015 | 08:07 от Medya

    Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet arecilt. Lol thanks

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